Sunday, February 28, 2010

Curl Me Some Ice! (GROJOE Revisited)

I'm not too proud to admit when I'm wrong, and I was wrong about allowing curling into the Olympics.  I've long advocated that the IOC should "get rid of judged olympic events" (GROJOE), and get back to "higher, faster, stronger" - not "judged to be the winner".  And, of course, curling fulfills my basic requirement in that regard.  However, I also don't think that contests which can be played while you drink and smoke are really "sports", and I suspect your local curling club allows one or both of the aforesaid vices.  (Man, I myself must be "as pure as the driven snow", eh?)  At any rate, I have become mesmerized by Olympic curling these past two weeks, and I don't believe these teams could have performed as they did "under the influence", as we say.  Sure it's slow, safe and sedentary but I like curling in the Olympics.  Just don't make me wear those Norwegian togs!  Any curling fans out there?