Saturday, February 6, 2010

Does Age Make You More Grey or Black-and-White?

Although still a spring chicken in my own mind, the damage of decades past on my body belies my chronological age.  The weird thing is that I find myself becoming greyer (grayer in the U.S.) not only in hair color but also in my opinions.  (Permit me to digress here a minute.  The medical melodrama Grey's Anatomy, a work of fleeting and questionable societal value, is derived from the name of a famous human anatomy textbook of illustrations called Gray's Anatomy- a classic work which has withstood the test of time, thus illuminating the importance of a single letter in spelling stuff.  Gray's saved my bacon in university, and I am forever indebted.)  People my age are supposed to become more dogmatic, more black-and-white, as time marches on.  On some issues, child pornography comes to mind, I'm sure that I will still want perpetrators of the same to be boiled in oil decades from now - no change likely there.  However, I find myself more willing all the time, for instance, to give people who've wronged me in the past a second chance.  And I am more tolerant of others' views in general.  In other words, I find myself mellowing.  Help!  Is this happening to you?