Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pssst! Don't Tell Anyone!

When someone tells you a secret, how long do you keep it?  Ten minutes?  Ten Days?  Ten years?  I suppose it depends to an extent on the secret which is being kept; if it is silly, frivolous, or minor in nature then who really cares?  (And some might say, what good is a secret if it can't be shared?  After all there is, of course, a perverse potential gain in the stature of the one "in the know" which is only realized when they deign to enlighten the otherwise ignorant.)  On the other hand, what about the serious secret?  Whether confided or stumbled upon, serious secrets such as a person's medical history, banking details, passwords, etc. are - most would argue - secrets never to be revealed except on a strict "need to know" basis.  The safeguarding of such details is one of the true marks of a professional.  The next time you are privy to a secret, think carefully before revealing it.  "Pssst!  Did you know his favorite band is Asleep At The Wheel?"