Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Gift I'm Sure You Will Appreciate

Those who know me well are aware that I rise early every morning and start crunching numbers on my investments at 4 am.  I'm up anyway, and the peace and quiet let me think at my own speed (slow).  There's always lots of interesting material to go through on Bloomberg, CNBC, and the market letters I subscribe to before I revise my spreadsheets, make my investment decisions, and settle in with BNN before the open whereupon I begin to look for day trades on my trading platform.  What I've tried to do on this blog in the past is give you a two minute distillation of those market sources.  My gift to you today, dear reader, is freedom from such blather.  It appears in the link to the right to the StockScores website.  It will take you to a YouTube presentation by Tyler Bollhorn, who is infinitely more in tune with the market than I am.  I will still, from time to time, comment on the market or a particular stock, but for overall market direction click on the orange bar on the StockScores site which says "Weekly Market Minutes".  Believe me, you'll thank me (this guy is uncannily accurate) except, of course, that now I'll have more time to write about other stuff!  Who is your favorite market guru?