Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Thing About Tattoos

Can't say I'm a fan of the tattoo craze.  Don't get me wrong, tattoo artists do (mostly) beautiful work, and I'm sure the disease concerns of their armamentarium have been addressed long ago otherwise we would hear a loud and incessant cry from the medical profession.  (The last thing I read from the AMA on this topic was that the removal of tattoos is a booming business even though the number of visits, cost and pain are at least quintuple those of getting a tattoo in the first place.)  I suspect that the three major objectives of getting a tattoo are because they enhance (perceived) beauty, make some sort of statement, or will help you stand out among your peer group.  But why put these (mostly) beautiful works on skin?  If you get tired of an artwork in your house you can change it.  If your political (or other) views change over time that's fine - as long as they haven't been indelibly inscribed on your forehead.  (The other disadvantages of skin as a medium are that it ages, wrinkles, stretches, sags, and - well, you get the picture, the picture changes!)  And if you're getting a tattoo (or a body piercing, man-earring, etc.) to show your individualism, take a look around - you're a little late.  Real individuals identify themselves through deeds, not gimmicks.  I'm not a fanatic on this; I've seen some tiny, dainty, even meaningful tattoos - but not many.  Too bad I didn't think about all this before that heart with "Mom" in it!  Any other tattoo critics out there?