Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Who's the Packrat?

I've been doing a little renovating in the basement, and suddenly realized WE HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF!  (As a friend of ours says, "We in North America really have everything we need, yet every weekend we go to the mall and load up with more stuff".)  Luckily for us, the nearest mall is 75 miles away.  To be fair (ie. to rationalize) a few years ago we sold our place in the city and tried to put two houses' worth of stuff into one (albeit big) house.  Since then we've tried to unload stuff on our kids, sell stuff at garage sales, haul stuff to the dump, etc., but we still have too much stuff.  (What a great word that is, "stuff".)  We have three storage rooms, a garage and a storage shed full of it.  The shed was added ostensibly to protect my John Deere from the elements, but in reality it will allow me to move some stuff from the garage (we have a two-car garage that you can only fit one car in at present because of stuff). Then I can move some stuff out of the basement into the garage and ... you get the picture.  And the answer to the question first above?  Both my wife and I.  Any other PR's out there?