Monday, March 8, 2010

Larry Kudlow of CNBS

BNN is a great business channel if you're a Canadian because it's often difficult to get info on Canadian stocks on any other channel, and also because Francis H. is one of the most intelligent analysts on TV anywhere.  Before BNN starts broadcasting I like Bloomberg for my early morning impression of the markets because of the news in the lower left-hand corner and the great international coverage.  However, for minute-to-minute coverage once the market opens you can't beat CNBC, even though I sometimes refer to it as "CNBS" because of Larry Kudlow's rants.  (Kudlow was asked to run for office in Connecticut, I believe, and I wish he would - I still can't stand listening to him at length, and I consider myself right wing of Attila the Hun).  And, of course, Fast Money is a great show on CNBC, despite the demise of Dylan Ratigan.  Where is he now, anyway?