Sunday, March 28, 2010

From the Left: An Introduction to Loofasuitsu, aka Minister Sinister

The proprietor of Out Here has graciously invited me to guest on his blog. I am honoured to do so, and aspire to maintain the high level of discourse evidenced by his posts. First, some background.  Safe to say The Balf would describe my politics as, ahem, somewhat left of his.  I come by this honestly, having worked (in a teenager's way) on the provincial campaigns of at least 3 Progressive Conservative candidates in the '70's in Alberta: making coffee, pounding in signs, and as I got older, driving my elders to the polls, etc.  Initially finding traction as a Red Tory, I gradually discovered that I did not feel at home in the PC party, especially as the Lougheed PC's went from landslide to tsunami one election after the other, and as I became surer of my politics. I "came out' as a card-carrying socialist in the very early '80's.  I think The Balf and the rest of the family suspected the cause was a tumour ... or perhaps that it was the drugs. To which I can only respond, in the immortal words of the Governator, "It's not a tumour!"