Thursday, March 18, 2010

Streamlining the U.S. Political System

Seems to me that the U.S. political system could use some streamlining, not only to enhance practicality and decrease gridlock but also to save money (remember that, saving money?).  Here are my suggestions:  1) Get rid of the 3-month "lame duck" period between the November election and the January inauguration.  Just take a week or ten days after the election to consider and appoint a cabinet - and then get to work.  2) Get rid of mid-term elections.  How can anything important get done when half of congress is always posing for the cameras?  3) Don't elect judges.  They shouldn't be compromised by having to please those who supported them in their last successful election campaign.  4) Try a multi-party system.  Surely there is room for other opinions on the American political spectrum.  In short, I believe that everything in the U.S. has become so politicized (read polarized) that a few changes might be needed to get things back on track.  (Before you can save the world you have to save yourselves from your system of government.)  Look, your founding fathers were bright, motivated guys, but nobody gets it perfect the first time and the system has deteriorated since then.  And finally, don't elect your dog-catchers - is that really necessary?