Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Battle for Your Mind

Whether it's health care reform, stem-cell research or some other hot-button issue like immigration, many people don't realize that there is a battle waged all-day everyday for your mind (read "vote") in the media.  Remember when your TV only got three channels, there was no internet, the same newspaper arrived on your doorstep every day and everyone your age went to one of two schools?  In other words, everyone pretty much got the same education until age 18, and everyone pretty much was exposed to the same news every day.  Now we are bombarded daily, online and off, overtly and covertly, with so many news items from so many viewpoints that we tend to believe whatever supports our view of the world - which by definition over time skews our view of the world.  What is the answer?  Education.  But not just any education, an education which is: a) secular, and b) science- and math-based.  People need to be able to assess the news accurately and objectively so that the bullshit detectors (deelyboppers?) go off when they should.  Education doesn't cost a society, it pays - in informed decisions made by balanced minds.  Now, sorry, I gotta go - FOX news says my favorite militia unit is taking new recruits for the fight to defend intelligent design from aliens among us!