Friday, March 5, 2010

When "It's Like You Never Left"

An old friend phoned from afar about a month ago to say he'd be in town, would I like to meet him for lunch?  Of course I would, and did.  No question, slam dunk.  He's a prince of a guy, always enlightening to be around, one of those few who has both his head and his heart in the right place.  We had a very pleasant reunion, caught up on each other's kids, and had a few laughs.  The neat thing was that, even though I hadn't seen him for probably two years plus, I knew that when we got together it would be just like old times.  (Which reminded me of the 1970's Dave Mason album in today's title.  I tried to find it in the basement but couldn't - damn, we've gotta clean out that subterranean repository of junk this spring!)  Why is it that some old friends you run into barely give you the time of day and others are like this fellow?  I wish I knew.  Perhaps a cosmic bond like mutual respect.  Any ideas?