Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yardwork As Exercise

Spring has sprung, the grass is "riz", I wonder where my scarifier is.  The yard is a mess, right?  Your beloved wants you to turn it into a House and Garden showplace - preferably in the next two weeks?  Below, with thanks to Mother Jones, are the number of calories burned (per half-hour) reversing the bestseller The World Without Us, starting with your own yard:
double digging:  344
push mowing/gardening with heavy power tools:  243
digging/clearing brush/laying sod/chopping wood:  202
weeding by hand/pushing motorized mower/using manual shears/planting:  182
raking:  162
trimming with power shears:  142
riding lawnmower (without the six-pack of beer):  101
watering:  61
Now if I knew what "double-digging" was perhaps I could avoid it!