Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The World's Most Detestable Vegetable

Cauliflower, of course, wins hands down.  Surely there is no better candidate.  Yecch!  My experiences with this weird aberration of the botanical universe range from my mother's admonition (or admonishment, if you prefer) to "eat what's put in front of you", to that bizarre suggestion in The South Beach Diet Cookbookthat the stuff can be disguised as mashed potatoes, to having it confront me at my favorite restaurant week after week next to my steak sandwich.  (Actually, between me and my steak sandwich, because until I could trade it to Carol - bless her soul - for her broccoli or whatever I just couldn't approach my slowly cooling hunk of meat.)  Broccoli itself has had its ups and downs, with George H. Bush famously refusing to eat broccoli when he was elected president.  (He figured he didn't need to listen to his mother anymore.  The ensuing howls from the Broccoli Farmers of America quickly resulted in a reversal of his public stance, if not his palate in private.  And cauliflower is so gross that I'd rather eat broccoli, what's happening to my life?)  Sure, I know it constitutes "roughage" ("fiber" in more genteel circles) but what possible other benefits can a vegetable without chlorophyll possess?  Without chlorophyll, I say!