Monday, April 12, 2010

From the Left: It's Not Easy Being Blue (or Indigo)

"What harm is there in it?"  That's a common defense of those who subscribe to quackery, the corollary being that there may be something to be gained by the belief in, say, the "Indigo Child".  Yet the consequent harm in this particular belief is documented, tangible and may result in great personal and societal costs.  My next post will detail my brush with these children and their parents, but first some background.  Indigos are "difficult" children (our parents called them brats) who are social misfits, have a greatly inflated sense of self-worth, are able to see angels, and purportedly represent the next stage in human evolution.  They are defined by the colour of auras they emit.  Ahem.  To those of us who subscribe to less ethereal types of diagnoses, many Indigos fit DSM-IV criteria for ADD/ADHD.  Understandably, some parents may not want their child to be labelled as such (even if due to a pre-existing neuro-biological condition) because of the stigma.  This New Age diagnosis is preferable as it is not a medical `condition` but - as seen through the eyes of a believer - an actual improvement on the rest of us!  Talk about positive reinforcement for socially unacceptable behaviour - for kid and parents!