Saturday, April 3, 2010

From The Left: Lengthen the Trough, We've got Company

As an ardent voice of evolution, I hesitate to mix metaphors in today's post. Aw, what the hell, here goes. As organisms evolve there is a tendency for them to become more, not less, complex (viz. Zimmer, Coyne, and Dawkins explication of the evolution of the eye from simple light-sensitive cells to fully-fledged camera-eye, or Doolittle and Miller's work on the entire evolution of blood-clotting cascades from simpler protein precursors.) So what to make of the increasing complexity of our political system? Adding 30 Honourable Members sounds like a natural consequence of the increasing population in our country - a necessity to balance uneven population increases. The Harper government would blame this on evolution - despite their stated animosity to it and science in general. To counter this, I propose we apply some Political Intelligent Design (should fly with Canada's New Government given published statements by numerous MP's supporting ID). In these days of "belt-tightening" (I know, don't guffaw), Political Intelligent Design would lessen parliamentary complexity through "artificial selection" by reducing the total number of MP's while still providing for balanced voting strength from region to region. Or is that still too hard to understand Stephen?