Thursday, April 1, 2010

From The Left: Mind Control Part II

I can do nothing but agree with the previous post.  Several recent studies confirm that our biases predetermine what we read, and more importantly, what we believe as a result.  I've got many books and articles detailing the veracity of evolution and secularism (okay Atheism) and give short shrift to those which attempt to validate Intelligent Design (Creationism) and the like.  A significant problem arises when the educational choices one can access for our children become so varied that young impressionable minds are able to be filled with a variety of ideologically-based drivel at taxpayers expense.  A religiously-based private school in Kamloops, for instance, was recently in the news for teaching Creationism-based "science" classes.  When challenged, the Superintendent of the district said that religious-based private schools merely had to teach to the prescribed Ministry of Education learning outcomes, and that he had no ability to direct the school to extol the virtues of Creationism in a religious studies class.  This is clearly wrong, as B.C.'s school act explicitly forbids it.  However, once governments begin funding students who attend such religious schools political expediency takes precedence. As The Balf said, "votes" (in this case actual citizen votes) become paramount.