Thursday, April 8, 2010

From The Left: The New Age of (Un) Reason

As a follow-up to TB's post concerning the importance of a science- and math-based emphasis on education, I recall that were innumerable indications of a general retreat from reason as the 20th century's odometer rolled over.  Who can forget the dire predictions for humanity's survival post Y2K, the reappearance of Nostradamus on best-seller lists after 9/11, horoscopes in "serious" newspapers, the mountain of books about angels, fairies, secrets of Egypt, and mysterious codes hidden in the Bible?  The consequences of this idiocy are everywhere.  Like here: I make a habit of calling home to follow-up on unexcused absences, so parents are at least aware of what their child is missing while absent from my class.  Last November I made just such a call, and was berated for marking a child absent.  Her parent ordered that I change the attendance record to reflect the fact that she was excused that entire day because it was Friday the thirteenth, and she could not possibly be expected to venture out on such a dangerous day.  I refused.  She threatened to call my principal.  I encouraged her to do so, which she did.  It will not be a surprise to the reader that the absence was recorded as "excused" by the school office.