Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bugs On Your Windshield

(Or wind "screen" for our international readers.)  March 21st?  Easter?  Spring lambs?  The first April shower?  No, negatory, nein, forget it!  The first and only dependable sign of Spring to this incisive observer of the natural world is - bugs on your windshield!  Thus "out here" the Official First Day of Spring 2010 was April 16th.  (I know I sound a bit like the old native soothsayer who could predict how harsh the winter was going to be by observing how much wood the white man was chopping up but - hey, I can't help it if I was born with supernatural powers.)  The "spring snowstorm" three days prior, so-called because it occurred after March 21st, is an unfortunate misnomer.  "Winter's last blast" would be a more accurate description.  At any rate, we'll soon be sick and tired of squeegeeing the bug guts off our windshield every time we gas up, but for now "I'm lovin' it".  By the by, doesn't a screen by definition allow air to pass through it?