Friday, April 16, 2010

Shameless Self-Promotion

Do you feel "out of the loop" - stressed because you don't know who or what to believe, or how you can possibly keep up on all the important issues of the day?  You are not alone.  And this is not a recent manifestation as it turns out.  "One of the great diseases of this age is the multitude of books that doth so overcharge the world that it is not able to digest the abundance of idle matter that is everyday hatched and brought into the world."  (Barnaby Rich, 1600)  And a few years later the situation had worsened: "Already we shall have a vast chaos and confusion of books; we are oppressed by them, our eyes ache with reading, our fingers with turning."  (Robert Burton, 1628)  I should point out that both of these guys wrote books.  The answer?  Read Out Here Too daily, of course!  "Follow" us.  From the frivolous to the factual, the faulty to the fabulous, the financial to the fanatical, the ... well you get the picture.  Check out the newsreel above for the headlines of the day and - for those so inclined - the Stockscores Weekly Market Minutes.  You can even buy a golf shirt or beer fridge magnet and join the OHT cult - "the cult of young moderns" (as we used to call them back in the fifties).  Look, the media is trying to control your mind - you might as well hand it over to us.