Saturday, April 17, 2010

Erin Burnett of CNBS

Wow, 2 days after I recommend sending the paddy-wagons to Wall Street, Goldman Sucks (in their flashy new HQ that the bailout built) gets served with charges of fraud by the SEC.  And I thought nobody read this stuff!  (Just call me, Barack baby, don't wait 'til you see it here!)  CNBS was all over the story, predictably defensive of GS, where Jim Cramer (vaunted champion of "the little guy" investor - right!) and, I believe, Larry Kudlow both flogged equities at some point in their careers.  Overcome with delight, I savoured every morsel of news - especially the CNBS talking heads defending the indefensible - until, horror of horrors, Erin Burnett shamed herself.  She of vivacious vivacity, perennial perkiness, the all-American girl next door from whose lovely lips narry a harsh word hath previously issued.  You see, one of the (irrelevant) defenses of GS is that they sold this sub-prime trash "big boy to big boy", ie. no little guys got hurt.  "Except for that School District in Norway" says Erin, to the great entertainment of Cramer - whereupon they both broke out in stitches of laughter.  Here's the rub Erin, it's not funny!  Just ask the pension funds, the municipalities, the people around the world who lost their retirement savings, their jobs or their houses because of these assholes.  Shame on you!