Monday, April 26, 2010

Meet Your Next Governor-General

Over the past decade we've noticed the industriousness of the Osoyoos Indian Band, who have title over a goodly portion of the south and east Osoyoos Lake shore.  Vineyards, golf courses, hotels, restaurants (the bison steak is particularly succulent), a winery, and a cultural interpretive centre have all sprung up on the reserve during that time period.  Although it's always dangerous to attribute the success of anything to one person, in this case Band Chief Clarence Louie is largely responsible for this miraculous transformation.  (In fact, he took the band from bankruptcy to profitability in a mere five years.)  As a result, other Canadians (native and non-native) have enlisted Chief Louie as a public speaker, particularly on the subject of improving the lot of aboriginals on other reserves.  To some, he is a breath of fresh air - to others his words are unwelcome, to wit: "The biggest employer shouldn’t be the band office.”  “Blaming government – get over it.”  “Indian time doesn’t cut it.  My first rule for success is ‘Show up on time.’  My No. 2 rule for success is ‘Follow Rule No. 1.’ ” and “Our ancestors worked for a living, so should you.”  Educated, intelligent, committed and obviously successful, Chief Clarence Louie is my nominee for our next Governor-General.