Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Driving Davey and Donny Crazy

Frustration!  Lost opportunity!  Lost money!  Loss of sleep while I plug and unplug my modem, plug and unplug my router, run all of my anti-virus programs, anti-malware programs, do a disk clean-up, run Spybot Search and Destroy, even defragment my disk - on all three of our home computers!  Why?  Because maybe - just maybe - this time it's my problem, not their problem.  I can't really believe it's happening again, that's why.  The real reason?  Because my Internet Service Provider can't maintain consistent connectivity.  These days I make my beer money in the stock market, and the most important hours are the first hour (7:30 to 8:30 am MDT) and the last hour (1:00 to 2:00 pm MDT) out here.  Is it too much to ask to have someone, anyone, arrive at work at 7 am to check that everything's working?  I know this is tough country to provide service to, but we're paying the going rate to have 24-hour connectivity - not just during business hours or for leisurely evening surfers.  And what about Donny - who thought it was his laptop, took into the city (120 mile round-trip) and paid $40 (plus gas and wasted time) only to find out that his laptop wireless connection was working perfectly?  Only later did this same ISP admit that there had been a network problem.  Not good.