Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Buffet Plan

Jimmy, that is - not Warren.  A couple of years ago we were invited to spend a week in Phoenix, and a glorious week it was.  Around noon one day as we toured the city we stumbled upon the Grand Opening planned for "Margaritaville Phoenix".  Asking a few questions over a Landshark and googling the Son of a Son of a Sailor we determined that JB and the Coral Reefers' show was slated for none other than that very evening.  What luck!  As far as we could determine it hadn't been advertised on the airwaves or in the papers, so we actually had a decent shot at tickets!  We excitedly reported the news to our wives, leisurely got prepared for a great night out, and arrived at the venue about three hours early in case there was a queue a mile long.  Imagine our great surprise as we crossed a parking lot full of parrothead paraphenalia from an obviously wild and crazy tailgate party that had preceded the concert - which itself had ended a mere half-hour before we got there!  JB's Margaritaville live events are evidently so popular that only members of his fan club can get tickets, or at least get first dibs on them.  The rest of the populace is kept in the dark, if not purposely misled, to prevent such a small venue from being overrun.  So here's a tip from The Balf: "Margaritaville Calgary" opens north of the Stampede grounds next summer so join the Calgary Parrotheads.  You heard it here first.