Monday, May 3, 2010

Mangia Mangia

Key West, FL, is home to this little beauty.  It's not on Duval Street or Front Street, in fact it's nowhere near the infamous Captain Tony's but rather lies nestled in a residential area of Old Town near the Eden House Inn.  Mangia Mangia means "eat eat" in Italian, and the name couldn't be more apropos.  The cuisine is to die for yet simple and very reasonably priced too, so come hungry.  The wine list is extensive and interestingly their cellar appears to be off-premises yet close enough such that the somewhat colorful full-time wine courier gentleman can hustle in the front door of this charming establishment within minutes of you ordering, with that bottle of your favorite Chianti cradled lovingly in his arms.  Probably because it is off the beaten track, informal, and high on the delicioso scale, Mangia Mangia has become a sometime hideout of celebrities when they're in town - so go early (before 6 pm or you'll be waiting outside on the street), keep your eyes peeled, and "Mangia Mangia".