Monday, May 10, 2010

Give QTWW Another Look

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc., the Irvine, CA, company that developed the Q-Drive plug-in electric powertrain system for Fisker Automotive (the green American car company that Quantum co-founded with an ex-Aston Martin veteran) is worth another look.  At their recent annual meeting, a representative from General Motors was elected to the board, in keeping with the strategic alliance between GM and Quantum.  (GM's recent repayment of the Canadian and U.S. governments is also a good sign.)  But QTWW is not a one-trick pony.  They have acquired Schneider Power, an Ontario developer of wind and solar projects, are affiliated with solar manufacturer Asola in Germany, and were recently approved for bidding on Los Angeles Department of Water and Power renewable energy projects - in addition to building alternative energy military vehicles!  Yet their real ace-in-the-hole, I think, is the reburbishment (by Fisker) of that mothballed GM plant right under Washington's nose in Joe Biden's home state of Delaware to mass-produce a Fisker electric car for the average American family - facilitated by a $535 million low interest loan from the Obama government.  Remember, you didn't hear it from me, and do your own diligence.