Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Joy of Freshwater Sailing

A prairie sailor am I.  Yes, I know that only saltwater sailing is real sailing.  But freshwater sailing yields many of the same delights as sailing "asea" - the principle one being that you can do it out here.  It can be just as serene in a light wind, just as exciting in a blow, and just as challenging when caught off guard by a gale as saltwater sailing is.  The idea of using free energy to move your craft the way the ancients did appeals to me, and of course with space age materials and design you get all the joy with much less work.  I'm not intimidated by the fact that there are many more motorboats around here than sailboats.  In fact, I secretly relish the fact that I know something they don't.  Any idiot can - and many do - turn the key of a motorboat and push the throttle forward.  Wow.  (Now who's being elitist?)  I enjoy the absence of the odor of fuel and exhaust fumes, not to mention engine noise.  And learning to sail on the prairies means you're a leg up when you rent that Hobie cat in Hawaii or are invited to crew that fifty-footer in the Caribbean.  Its been a couple of years now since I've sailed Tingle IV, my Laser II, but the urge never goes away.  Maybe this summer.  Aye-aye, Cap'n.  Coming about...lee-o!