Thursday, May 27, 2010

Key Biscayne Appy

Many years ago, while doing a week of continuing education on Key Biscayne, some fellow students and myself stumbled into a sleepy out of the way "locals only' marina with a bar/restaurant, both of which had obviously seen better days.  Peeling paint on the outside, a hole in the ceiling inside with a palm tree growing up through it, a tailless cat due to a run-in with the pet monkey that lived in the palm tree, Jimmy Buffett on the cassette player, and a rooster who strutted around the establishment constantly - you get the picture.  Both hungry and thirsty after hoofing it around the key (just off Miami, it's home to Richard Nixon's Summer White House, the Miami Seaquarium, and the Lipton Pro Tennis Tourney), we didn't care.  Burgers and beer ordered, we were only too happy to dive into the only appetizer offered: a bowl of original Triscuits (salt and all), a second bowl of flaked white tuna (not sure whether they were caught in dolphin-proof nets or not), and a bottle of Frank's (hot sauce, for the uninitiated).  Well, scoop a little tuna onto a cracker and add a few drops of Frank's - and you have possibly the fastest, cheapest, bestest-tasting appy on the planet!  Even better, your guests can build their own if you're caught off-guard by surprise.  Cheap too.  Our summer favorite - try it, you'll like it!