Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yucca Flats

Said to be named after the place in New Mexico where the United States detonated its first underground nuclear blast, this version of lemonade lives up to its name in spades.  The toughest part of making this delicious summertime concoction is finding a 128 oz. wide-mouthed glass jar - the type that restaurants used to get their pickles, mustard or ketchup in.  (The last one I located was in a secondhand store.)  Once you've located said jar, herewith is the original 1970 recipe:
7 small lemons, quartered, squeezed and dropped into the jar (or 5 large lemons, or 6 medium lemons)
3/4 cup of sugar (no more, no less!)
26 oz. vodka (cheaper the better)
1 small jar of maraschino cherries (including the juice)
Pack the jar with ice cubes, screw on the lid, and wrap a damp tea towel (folded in half lengthwise first) tightly around the body of the jar.  Shake the jar with the tea towel around it (music and a group of thirsty friends helps) until the tea towel sticks to the glass and voila!  A little YF goes a long way.  Make sure everyone gets some fruit and ice too - especially the osmotically-charged maraschino cherries.  In a pinch, as often happens, other fruit than marachino cherries can be used (for instance, blackberries).  And please use a designated driver.