Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Day When All Things Seem Possible

Graduation Day.  The first day of the rest of your life.  A day to reflect on all of the hard work, emotional roller-coaster rides and expense it took to get to this day in your life.   "How hard can it be?" say those who haven't been there and done that.  And I suppose that depends on what your innate abilities are, how successfully you "learn to learn", how hard you are willing to work, how well you cope with exam stress, the nature of the didactic material you're trying to master, the support group around you, etc.  Not that there haven't been brief respites here and there in your paper chase.  But graduating from university is still a major, major accomplishment - at least doing so with a decent average - and one that is getting harder to achieve with every passing year.  The competition is brighter, the professors more inaccessible, the classes larger, the requirements to graduate more complex, and the fees higher.  So enjoy this day.  Bask in the warmth of friends and family - just as they are basking in your glow.  You've earned this day.  Congrats, graduate!