Sunday, June 13, 2010

500 Unique Visitors

Sometime yesterday or the night before, Out Here Too was visited by it's 500th unique visitor since we moved to Blogger in mid-January, according to official Google Analytics.  (Excuse me while I dry my eyes.)  That's better.  So, first of all, Loof and I would like to thank everyone for wasting a few minutes out here every day.  A few minutes are the operative words, because our self-acknowledged short attention span restricts us to one paragraph per day of your invaluable time.  (Always brief, never boring is not only the site's motto and our explicit promise to you - it could also be my personal four-word memoir.  Have you checked out Smith magazine's six-word memoir project?  It's been going on for years and is pretty neat, but four words is even tougher.  I guess we win.)  Second, I'd like to encourage you regulars out here too subscribe via the link at right or become a "follower" by clicking on that link, you might win a free beer stein.  Third, if Mr. or Mrs. 500th Unique Visitor would stop by the Out Here Too Gear Shop, I've got a free beer stein for you too - if we have any left.  (We've had a run on Out Here Too gear lately, that's why you see 'em on the streets out here too.) Tune in tomorrow for another blockbuster revelation!