Friday, June 18, 2010

Atilla Weighs in on Global Warming

As a conservative sometimes referred to as right-wing of Atilla the Hun, I am continually ticked off by fellow conservatives who doubt the validity of global warming/climate change.  The problem, as I see it, is that conservatives tend to be business-trained and business-oriented, rather than scientifically-trained and science-oriented, and this is a scientific topic.  I realize that it is dangerous to tar all my brethren with the same brush, and I am well aware that there are lots of conservatives who, like myself, are scientifically trained and do study the data every chance they get - and have concluded that global warming/climate change is truly something to worry about.  I'll refrain here from debating data points - and certainly won't defend the nefarious numbskulls who suggested in emails that there might be a need to fudge climate data to shock politicos around the world into action.  I've studied the data, read the sunspot activity theory, heard the arguments pro and con (no, "con" is not the etymological precursor of "conservative" or of "Conrad" - as in "Black"), and I believe global warming/climate change is a valid, serious issue.  (I also happen to live out here too, and there is little doubt our local climate is changing.)  But here's the single most compelling reason I believe global warming/climate change needs to be taken seriously:  WE CAN'T AFFORD TO BE WRONG.  If we get this wrong, it is our kids and grandkids that are going to have to live with our mistake, not us.  So let's err on the side of caution all you Attilas out there!