Thursday, June 24, 2010

Crash Landing Plan, Part 1

My wife says I read too much economic doom and gloom, and therefore express too much - surprise, surprise - economic doom and gloom.  Yet I am inherently an optimist.  Those who know me know that I wake up every morning early, happy and bursting with vigor, ready to greet the day.  (Well, early and happy anyway.)  At any rate, I'm sure at least some readers of this space agree about the "too much economic doom and gloom" bit; all I'll admit is that I enjoy reading economics too much.  To be clear, let's review my predictions: we are headed not for a double dip, but for a full-blown financial meltdown worse than 2008/09 and a decade of depression/deflation/stagnating markets.  Social "dislocations" will also ensue.  Ouch!  Now you know where I stand, a pessimistic optimist by any measure.  So, I says to myself, "Balf, how do you prepare financially for that"?  How do you keep what you've got, and maybe even grow that nest egg a little, during the next (read already underway) market crash and beyond?  Therein lies my current field of inquiry dear reader, and as is evident in the title of this post, I will keep you informed as my Crash Landing Plan takes shape.  (Apologies for sounding like that quackopractor or acupuncturist who wants you to come back again and again - I realize you're also waiting for The World's Most Interesting Man, Part 2.  Look for it on Sunday.)