Saturday, June 12, 2010

Time To Sell Your Gold? Ask Mr. T.

Okay, folks, you've heard of the Hemline Length market indicator and the Big Mac Price market indicator, well now here's a new one: the Mr. T Gold Indicator (you can click here  Minyanville is one of my favorite financial sites, in fact I read their stuff every day the market is open.  So yesterday when reference was made to the MTGI, I just had to check it out.  As we all know, the toughest part of active investing is knowing when to sell.  Apparently whenever Mr. T (covered in gold chains, as you may recall) re-appears from from the TV archives attic, and enjoys another brief moment in the sun for whatever reason, it's time to sell your gold holdings!  (Mr. T developed his affinity for gold chains during his pre-stardom days as a nightclub bouncer, confiscating the jewelry of those he kicked out as a symbol of his toughness, and apparently the stuff rubbed off on him.)  Before you laugh yourself wet, click on the link above and note the accuracy of the MTGI from 1981 to the present!  So, with  the new "A-Team" movie opening yesterday across the country, does this mean it's time to sell your gold?  The answer: maybe.  You see, Mr. T is not actually in this movie (except perhaps-maybe-if-he's-lucky for a small cameo appearance).  Hmmm...I'm not sure I'd bet against him.