Monday, June 7, 2010

Unintended Consequences: FBS Vanity

Going through security is a tedious and time-consuming affair in any airport these days, so much so that my wife and I avoid any connection in the U.S. when flying if at all possible.  (Yes, I know my name is on some list somewhere even though I'm only flying over the Excited States of America to Mexico, but that doesn't bother me.  People who have nothing to hide just lament the time and tedium - not the objective - of greater security.)  On a recent sojourn, as we snaked toward the security people, we had plenty of time to watch a fair number of young folks being directed to one of those new "full-body scanners" - which as you know leave very little to the imagination, anatomically speaking.  When we finally got there we were told the full-body scan is optional, a choice if you want it.  In other words, it was by choice that these folks were exposing themselves to the security guy/gal!  That's why the stud-duck guys and saucy girls were getting the full-body scan - because they wanted to show off their bods!  Call it a vicarious thrill if you will, I call it vanity in the extreme - full-body scan vanity.  (I detest vanity but, come to think of it, I'd make a good full-body scan machine operator.)  What's next, Mr./Miss Universe FBS?  A reality show?  FBS fashions?  It bogles this mind.