Friday, July 23, 2010

Another Exceedingly Thin Line

Having discussed the very thin line between our modern civilization and anarchy, it occurred to me there's an equally thin line between the former and the natural world out here too.  Some parts of this planet have been "tamed" for eons by man and are now asphalt jungles with little threat to life and limb other than grumpy lapdogs, air quality, traffic and fellow humans.  Out here it's a bit more complicated.  Graduate university degrees, wireless internet, smart phones, marble countertops and solar panels aside, our outwardly beautiful farms, ranches and acreages harbour some pretty primitive dangers city folks never have to contemplate.  One minute we're manicuring the lawn, the next minute a grizzly bear is out in the old apple tree by the trampoline.  (And that's if we're lucky.  Bears are largely herbivorous, but coyotes, cougars and wolves aren't - they need to eat meat everyday.)  The point is that we're largely on our own out here.  Police and fire protection, including ambulance service, is more than a hop, skip and a jump from here.  City folks apparently don't understand our need for firearms, hence the current divide between urban and rural Canadians on that issue - and with more Canadians living in urban than rural settings this topic needs to be elucidated in forums like this.  Simply put, we need our guns.  Now, to get at those dandelions on the back forty!