Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bud Light - Beer or Blasphemy?

Budweiser - the "King of Beers" - largest selling brand on the face of the earth - and Bud Light, its lesser alcohol progeny, have of late become my beers of choice out here.  Blasphemy, you say, sacrilege!  Slough water!  Here's the story.  A few years ago, our youngest was diagnosed with wheat digestion problems and was relegated to a (virtually) gluten-free diet.  Gluten-free beers exist, but they're exceedingly rare and expensive - and frankly not that great tasting.  Then I remembered that my bro-in-law (also on gluten-free) drinks Budweiser because it's made from rice not grains.  Voila, nutritional problem solved!  At about the same time, I noticed that some close friends of ours out here drink nothing but Bud Light.  Now as one who occasionally imbibes more than one suds at a sitting, over the years I'd gravitated to Big Rock Grasshopper, a wheat beer from Calgary, for the taste.  And yes, the lemon wedge added by my favorite barmaid made sure I get me vitamins for the week.  (Had to get her to add a wedge every other beer to throw off my wife who occasionally counts 'em to keep me honest.)  Over time, perhaps due to my aging constitution, I began to feel a bit thrashed some mornings after even a relatively temperate night before.  So I tried Bud Light.  Guess what?  I feel a lot better, and have even lost a few ounces (very few).  And perhaps that's why so many people around the world drink Budweiser.  By accident, process of elimination or (in my case) cerebration, a lot of people have arrived at the same conclusion.  (And you don't need to drink it all the time - just if you're scheduled to do brain surgery early the next day.)  No compensation has been paid by Budweiser in regard to this post.