Saturday, July 17, 2010

Southern Note: Purses vs. Pockets

The need to carry things has been around since we have.  Early Egyptians carried stuff in pouches, but the escalation from utility pouch to fashion statement started much later and is now enthusiastically embraced by women all over the world.  Handbag, purse, clutch, tote, pocketbook - a typical 30 year old woman is reported to have 21 of them on average!  Probably a function of the great variety of size, shape, materials and colors available and the elevated status this occasionally functional apparatus has attained.  However in my mind, the purse is a poor substitute for pockets.  On the downside, pockets require you to be organized and minimalist - after all, space is at a premium.  Yet at the same time, they provide better security for your items, allow you to carry a multitude of other things and disperse the weight of your items on the hips and legs.  But none of those reasons are why I don't carry a purse.  No, it is much simpler - you can't lose a pocket!