Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shaved Heads

What's with shaved heads?  I'm not talking here about "buzz" haircuts (often a choice of athletes, or for some a summer alternative to the heat) - both of which I can understand.  I'm talking about skinheads.  The Yul Brynner type totally-shaved pate.  (I fully realize that in the past I have made light of my own Male Pattern Baldness - jesting that "Buddha made some perfect heads, the rest he put hair on" - but now I am deadly serious.  Well, as serious as I ever get.)  Young men with completely shaved heads!  What is behind this phenomenon?  Are men going "thin on top" so much earlier that they are just throwing in the towel?  If so, is there an environmental, genetic, or nutritional cause that needs to be researched?  Is there a national paucity of Rogaine?  Is it because of a spectacularly successful advertising campaign by Gillette?  (Hey, maybe that's why Warren Buffet picked up shares!)  Are they fickle enough to succumb to such self-flagellation because of "fashion"?  (A sad commentary on the state of Man, if so.)  Do women think skinheads are sexy?  (Doubters, Ralph - as we used to say in the sixties - and a sad commentary on the state of women, if so.)  Are these young men being controlled by aliens?  Do these young studs just want to look like us old studs?  What exactly is going on here?