Monday, July 5, 2010

Winning Roster Devastation (WRD) Syndrome

Okay, I need some help out here from all of you sports fanatics.  The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup after a 51-year drought, and so far have traded Byfuglien and Versteeg - two of the major forces behind the team's win in my estimation.  Not being a regular reader of the sports pages (Buddha knows I'm getting enough sports on the one-eyed monster these days what with the World Cup on and now the Tour de France as well), there may have been others traded away that I'm unaware of.  Versteeg, for sure, hasn't brought Lord Stanley's Cup to Lethbridge for that vaunted street hockey game yet - and he's already a Toronto Maple Leaf!  Why?  The obvious answer is that Chicago wants to change the team chemistry, or that the management thinks that two cup wins in a row might be unseemly in some sense.  Why does this always seem to happen?  In every major professional sport WRD Syndrome kicks in after a championship win.  The less obvious but probable culprit is money - the fact that the champs can't afford to re-sign the stars that made them champs.  (And Budhha knows Chicago couldn't put derrieres in their arena seats all season.)  Perhaps.  I don't know about you, but this hockey fan longs for the days decades ago when the Montreal Canadiens outclassed lesser teams year after year by showing incredible loyalty to their star players - and were re-paid in a like manner with cup wins year after year.  Come on, Chicago, you're one of the Original Six - show some class!