Friday, August 27, 2010

Artichoke Fearts

Wow!  Had some artichoke dip with chips (crisps to our loyal readers across the pond) last night.  Delicious!  However, my innards virtually exploded afterward.  Holy Moly!  I actually felt propelled from behind as I walked around the house.  I've always enjoyed artichoke dip at parties where it's been proffered, but now I'm trying to recall whether I always turned into a mobile natural gas machine afterward.  I know these particular artichoke hearts were fresh - grown in Peru and imported (still white in their little jar) to Ontario for distribution to the rest of us.  Not like the big Wal-Mart jar of grey ones from Chile that look like preserved fungi fetuses from the old museum in the Galt Gardens of my youth.  Those look too scary to eat now - or ever.  Move over cauliflower, you've got company on the list of the world's most vile veggies!