Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Scourge: Radical Non-public Schools

As the kids head back to school it occurred to me that public school systems everywhere continue to suffer from cutbacks, low registrations, etc.  It seems that everyone wants their children educated in their own weird religion.  No wonder our secular government is under attack when children are raised to think that people from other schools are somehow "wrong", and that theirs is the only "true path".  Non-public schools hurt us in two ways: actively training religious nuts and passively under-training the secular leaders of tomorrow.  A friend of ours who left Northern Ireland to escape The Troubles and raise a family where religious warfare wasn't an everyday occurrence was shocked and disappointed to find that Canada had (at that time) two completely separate school systems.  Things have only gotten worse since then, with every nut job either supporting a "charter school" or even "home schooling" their children to inculcate their offspring in their religious views.  (There are rare occasions when home schooling is appropriate, but that's another topic for another day.)  If we truly want a world with everyone getting along, secular public schools are where it needs to start - otherwise a secular government is impossible to maintain.  This is an urgent and serious problem in Canada if we want to avoid the religious warfare so evident elsewhere on the planet.