Saturday, August 7, 2010

Twiglets (Not the Model's Children)

Whoa, here's another blast from the past - at least for North Americans.  They used to come in cans like Planters Peanuts, now they don't.  Now I have to pay $9.50 for a 150 gram bag imported from England (Jacob's Bakery, Leicestershire, established 1885, to be precise).  For the uninitiated, Twiglets (named because they look like twigs - no, really!), are a snack food with a peculiar taste, sort of like a black peppery concoction on a "79% wholegrain" stick.  Not everyone's cup of tea, they are certainly mine.  I love 'em.  Can't get my hands on enough of 'em.  If you ever get close to a bag, try 'em - or at least buy 'em for me.  Nothing artificial, baked not fried, high in fibre, great unique taste ... what more could you want?  Twiglets were introduced by Peek Frean & Co for Christmas 1929.  They were previously available in curry, mint and 'tangy' Worcestershire sauce flavour, although these have now been discontinued.  My mother is responsible for introducing all of us to Twiglets, and there always seemed to be some in the house.  Now that your mouth is watering with anticipation I regret to inform that you'll only find them in specialty food shops that carry British items, like the one in Market Mall in Calgary.  Go get 'em!