Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Week At The Beach

Twenty-eight years ago we took our two-year-old son and his baby sister to "the beach".  This year we were at the same beach with our two-year-old grandson.  Very cool.  The beach has changed over those years, of course - well not really the beach (or the lake) we decided.  If you stand on the beach and face the lake very, very little has changed which is why we're still happy to go there.  The view, the sun, the heat, the lake - none of that has changed.  If you stand on the beach and face the hotel, a lot has changed.  The motel has been replaced by a hotel, a lot of sand has been replaced by poorly-planned landscaping, the families we used to enjoy so much don't come anymore, there are a few rowdies around on the weekends, nobody plays volleyball anymore, etc.  The solution?  Face the lake, not the hotel.  We had a great week.  Got some sailing in, built a lot of sand castles, did some winery tours, cooked communally, enjoyed great sunrises and sunsets, even met some new folks, etc.  Yes, some things have changed and not for the better, but the lake and the beach itself are the same - they are geographical features, not subject to change.  So we have booked again next year.  Maybe we can even resurrect the daily 2 pm volleyball match before officially starting Happy Hour - who knows?