Saturday, September 11, 2010

Are Modern Men Merely an Inconvenience?

Are modern men merely a necessary inconvenience to modern women?  Buddha knows women don't need us to fight off other tribes who would kidnap and enslave them anymore - or to kill that next woolly mammoth to put meat on the table before the relatives come over to the cave next weekend.  Oh sure, they need us to start a family (at least so far) - but do they need us to finish a family too?  How often have you heard "oh, I just keep him around because it's too much work to train a new one"?  I laughed and I'm sure you did too.  Now I'm absolutely certain that the love of my life doesn't feel that way ("it's them, not us dear") but I wonder about the state of North American holy matrimony in general.  Exhibit A: there seem to be lots of older, single ladies around, unmarried after the premature demise of their first husband.  Have they decided that a new guy is just too much trouble?  Exhibit B: the skyrocketing divorce rate.  ("Got the kids, got the house, got the dough, see ya later sucker!")  Did the ex, DSB and all, just become an inconvenience these ladies don't need?  Hmmm...what's that dear, you want me to load the dishwasher and take out the trash?  No problem!