Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Best Thing About Florida

...isn't the climate (boredom interspersed with hurricanes) or Disney World (overpriced interspersed with too expensive).  It's the orange juice.  I'm enjoying some as I write this.  Global Warming may eventually put this fabled state under water according to most estimates (let's hope the relatives are safely ensconced elsewhere by then) - except for those new mountains of garbage we noticed on our last trip, an improvement on towing it out to sea to be dumped from barges.  One of my pet peeves about Florida - being a prairie boy - is that you can't see, unless you're at the beach, what's around the next corner because it's so flat and lush with typical tropical (love that alliteration) flora.  Florida flora (again!).  It's a lot like British Columbia that way, except B.C. is mountainous and lush, so once in a while you get an expansive view from the top of some pass.  (Never let a Floridian drive over a mountain of garbage or they'll want roads on every one of 'em!  We prairie people are used to seeing for a good ten miles in each direction, and feel slightly claustrophobic subconsciously when we can't, whether we admit it or not.)  Anyway, somebody on TV said that orange juice isn't that good for you anymore because of its sugar content.  So let me get this straight: it was good for me in my youth but now its not good for me as an old guy.  Sorry, I don't buy it.  OJ is one of life's not-so-little pleasures.  Not the "lots of pulp" or "enhanced with Vitamin D" or one of the myriad other recent orange juice concoctions - just plain old OJ.  (Think I'll have another glass.)  Oh, and I forgot to mention Florida's beaches...they're pretty good too, next to OJ.