Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Bulldog Saloon

Located in a historic building in Stumptown (Whitefish), MT, right on Main Street (Central Avenue).  The Bulldog happens to be the mascot and team name of the local high school sports team, but the Bulldog I'm referring to is for adults - despite their invitation (on to "bring the kids because it's a smoke-free environment".  Smoke-free perhaps, but little Johnny might miss the urinal gawking at the playboy centrefold wallpaper.  I remember taking my ten-year-old son in there to watch an NHL playoff game while the girls shopped, and forgetting to warn him about it.  He didn't say a thing when he returned from the loo, and it was only when I had to go that I found out the reason behind the big smile on his face.  (At least the cans are a model of sexual equality, the Women's has equally "interesting" wallpaper.)  And little Susie might embarrass you when she asks you what that thing hanging on the wall behind the bar is (answer: the World's Largest "Athletic Supporter").  It's all good clean fun though, from the Whitefish memorabilia on the walls (see if you can find Olympic Gold Medalist downhiller Bill Johnson's autograph) to the excellent bar fare.  Poker is played in the back for those so inclined.  You can even purchase anatomically correct barbecuing aprons.  Buck, the owner, is a big supporter of school sports too - so some of the profits from this classic watering hole go to help local kids.