Thursday, September 16, 2010

Did You Wash Your Hands?

Apparently only 2/3's of men wash their hands after using a restroom.  (I am assuming this does not include the bathroom in their own home.)  Also, as far as I am aware, it unfortunately neglected to distinguish between what personal need was attended to in said restroom, ie. how can I put this delicately? - "number one" or "number two" - or something else.  Actually about the only "something else" you can accomplish in a public restroom would be changing a baby's diapers or, I suppose, going in there just to wash your hands.  If these latter two tasks are included in the aggregate total then I'm really disgusted at the findings.  (Wish I'd invented, or at least invested in, those omnipresent plastic fold-down change tables - what a racket putting them in every men's room!)  The statistic quoted will not perhaps surprise men, although such a low percentage may offend the fairer sex, whom we always assume to be paragons of personal hygiene.  I would wager that a lot of those 2/3's were fibbing too.  Highway restrooms are the filthiest of the lot (anyone know of a Top Ten List here?) - and frankly who can blame a guy when "his equipment is cleaner than theirs"?  Personally, the most shocking dirty restrooms to me are in restaurants.  I mean I'm going back out there to finish my dinner!  I would hope that the ranks of us "washer-uppers" will increase, but if you fear getting a disease from the restroom sink or towel dispenser alas we may be stuck at 2/3's for the foreseeable future.  Yikes!