Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It happened last night.  Life at altitude 4265 feet.  Sure, we were warned in advance by weather forecasters.  And it won't last long, this weekend is supposed to be downright hot (they say).  Out here we can get snow in any month of the year, which is still preferable to destructive weather events like hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, etc. other populations have to put up with.  We've been getting frosts at night for a couple of weeks now - so much so that my green-thumbed wife actually got tired of covering and uncovering her tomatoes and flowers night after night.  (She and I fully harvested any veggies that grow above ground last week.)  We also shipped out the heifers early for two reasons: first, they were eating as many leaves and apples off the trees as they were grass and, second, there's a bear in the vicinity competing for those same apples.  So autumn is officially here and - despite the inch of snow last night - I hope it is a long hot one.  This summer and last were both very wet; unusual for this neck of the woods where everything is usually parched by August (sometimes earlier).  We could use a nice long warm Indian Summer.  (Am I allowed to say that?)  There you go, off on a nice pastoral journey in your mind only to be jolted back to reality by political correctness.  Crap!