Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Great Northern Bar and Grill

Named for the Great Northern Railroad (one of the reasons for Whitefish, MT's very existence) this watering hole sports The House Band, billiard room, dance floor, restaurant and bar all under one amazingly small roof.  Long a destination for Canucks passing through, many an old friend from back home has been stumbled into (literally).  And the word has spread throughout the Commonwealth, for Aussies, Kiwis and Saskabushites also frequent the GN.  "Finish Your Beer - there's sober kids in India!" reads one admonishment on the beer cooler.  Big Mountain memorabilia, reasonable prices, and Sunday night ping-pong bring 'em back even when the band isn't playing.  But beware, at 2 am (you'll be surprised how fast GN time flies by) you'll be herded into the street with all the other well-watered sheep regardless of the weather or your social station.  This public house is so busy at times that the uninitiated desperately cry out for their libations, yet the staff are well-trained and experienced.  "The pushier ye get, the longer ye shall wait."  Be patient, thankful, and tip well if you want prompt service.  (My favorite tip: "don't fry bacon in the nude" only received a slightly sympathetic smile - like it was the first time the barmaid had ever heard that one from some old guy, right?)  The GN; Great Nightlife in my books.