Friday, September 17, 2010

The Most Interesting Man in the World 4

He imparts knowledge to the next generation for a living - his biggest worry that they will embrace something other than secularism.  He is a good father, husband and provider - a bit quirky perhaps, but always with the welfare of others foremost in his fertile mind.  A sometime sailor of boats, skier and woodworker, he enjoys a good book on politics, religiousity or the cosmos as much as the great outdoors - maybe more.  His music collection is eclectic, like the man himself.  Transplanted from prairie to interior, he has adapted with aplomb to the left province - and leftish politics as well.  No shirker he, his castle is under constant renovation with love (and an aching back) for the comfort and enjoyment of his fam.  But his fave pastime is gourmet cooking, such that the love of his life abstains from that pursuit in general.  Once treated to his Roast of Beef with Yorkshire Pudding or his Pulled Pork a la Loofasuitsu, many a chef will never again attempt that self-same dish for fear of falling short of the standard this man sets.  And an animal lover is he (?) - with three (?) dogs, a bird, hamsters and Buddha knows what else underfoot.  What manner of man is he?  Just a good man toiling away in obscurity for himself, his pupils and his family?  No, he is the Most Interesting Man in the World!